Our Director

Our Director works with Governors in our Greater Cincinnati community to lead the team together. Below are the responsibilities that a Director has in regards to leadership within our Steering Committee.

  • Ensure that our community‚Äôs financial goals are met
  • Presence and engagement with the local Board of Governors
    (BOG) and Steering Committee (SC)
  • Represent HRC locally
  • Diversity
  • Succession planning
  • Mentor and inspire local leadership in both challenging and good times
  • Communication among BOG/SC about HRC Policies and Priorities
Karen Morgan


Karen is a member of the Greater Cincinnati Steering Committee, where she has served as co-chair of the Workplace Equality committee and is currently serving as Steering Committee co-chair. As the Workplace co-chair, she helped organize events to educate the business community on providing a more inclusive workplace for LGBT employees. Her clear thinking skills have served her well in her HRC roles.

Karen works as a Customer Support Manager at GE Aviation and has co-chaired the GLBTA Alliance at GE Aviation and for the GE business as a whole. She is most proud of the work she did to help educate GE employees on the LGBT community.