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Have you heard us on Pride Radio?

We are again excited to partner with iHeart Radio to bring more awareness to our important dinner event. You will find our radio spot with Cincinnati's very own Molly Wellmann. Thank you Molly and iHeart Radio! Listen now on KISS 107.1 and Pride Radio 107.1 HD-2

Stream now or tune in on your HD car radio for free.

MPox (Monkeypox): What You Need to Know

The CDC has raised the alert level on a MPox (monkeypox) outbreak in the United States, and HHS announced that it will be ramping up testing and vaccine distribution…

Welcome to Greater Cincinnati HRC!

By empowering and mobilizing people at the grassroots level, HRC Greater Cincinnati aims to create impactful change, providing advocacy for HRC’s mission and work on the ground. HRC Greater Cincinnati is a dedicated team of volunteers who use their experience and talents to develop a more affirming, inclusive, and equitable community.

In addition to educating the public about the issues that affect LGBTQ+ people and their families, HRC Greater Cincinnati works to engage LGBTQ+ people and allies in the fight for equality, raise money to fund HRC’s work, build strong relationships with local businesses and like-minded organizations, and turn out voters to elect pro-Equality candidates into office. Members of the HRC Greater Cincinnati Steering Committee serve as co-chairs of different program committees and bring their skills and talents to the work. Each program focuses on different aspects of HRC’s work in the community, such as fundraising, community engagement, expanding membership, volunteer recruitment, and political action.

Through these programs, volunteers can engage and develop their skills in relationship-building, public speaking, strategic planning, volunteer management, stewarding donors, lobbying, event-planning and social media communications. We accomplish our work plans by working closely with HRC staff partners, who provide volunteers with expertise, training, and leadership development.

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